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An interactive image compressor. Provides various compression controls and a real-time preview
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11 October 2007

Editor's review

JPEG images with higher resolution are generally large in size and hence these take a lot of time to open with different viewer applications. However, there are various file compressing applications available in the market that compresses the file size effectively, but most of them alter the quality of the content. Well, this isn’t a case with JPEG Imager 2.4.1 application, as it compresses the JPEG files while maintaining its quality. The application provides the ‘before and after view’ to the users and thereby helps in drawing comparisons. It also includes features to Level adjustment, Resize, Rotation, Crop, Gamma & Color correction, Text Overlay tool, etc, for image enhancing and effective manipulation.

JPEG Imager 2.4.1 has an intuitively designed interface that makes it convenient for the users to resize their images to the desired size. Select the images that you want to resize, and the program would display the selection at the middle of the program screen. Before compressing the images you can perform some editing of the images like cropping, color adjustment, etc. The tools to make the desired modifications in the images are placed on the left and right side of the screen. The images before and after the compression are displayed at the mid of the program interface. You can change the gamma, brightness, contrast, color balance, levels, color tones, etc features. The application also provides you with the features to rotate, flip, crop, and even you’re given three types of selection tool that are Rectangular Select, Freehand Select and Polygonal Select. Further, it provides zoom, file list window, text overlay, transparency, grayscale, comment, image quality standard, filters, baseline, extra and many other tools to work with. When you’re through with the changes, you just need to press compress and the program would resize images according to the specifications.

The JPEG Imager 2.4.1 successfully completes the image resizing process in quick time giving you the output with the required attributes. The application integrates a wide range of features that include various aspects of image editing and resizing, and hence deservingly receives a score of 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

JPEG Imager is an interactive image compressor primarily designed for 'Quality versus File Size' optimization. The main goal is to help you compress your pictures better, making them smaller and faster to download, but with as little harm to the picture quality as possible. The program provides you with a fast real-time preview and side-by-side comparison of an image before and after compression. You can fiddle with various compression controls and observe the effect of your changes almost instantly. It is also possible to simply specify a desired file size and let the program decide a proper value of the quality parameter automatically. A decent-looking interface gives you control over some aspects of jpeg compression that other programs usually don't. With all these features JPEG Imager may prove to be really useful if you need to optimize your images or digital photos for publishing on the Web or before e-mailing them to your friends and family. Effective JPEG compression is certainly essential but not the only purpose of the program. In addition, JPEG Imager includes a set of basic image manipulation and enhancing operations such as Resize, Crop, Rotation, Gamma and Color correction, Levels adjustment, Text Overlay tool and so on. There is also a cleaning tool for noise removal and, of course, the TWAIN support for image acquisition from scanners and digital cameras. Thus working with JPEG Imager you can acquire, enhance and optimize your images without having to resort to other programs. Besides, JPEG Imager has a simple built-in batch processor and thumbnail generator. You can freely use the trial version for 30 days without limitation of functionality.
JPEG Imager
JPEG Imager
Version 2.4.1
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Jane Sharka
I`ve been using JPEG Imager since 2006. It is easy to use and is great for those of us who are not as technology adept at picture manipulations. I have found it wonderful for editing photos, compressing files, and don`t even want to try anything else.
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